Houdini 17 Updates


I’ll be compiling the differences between Houdini 17 here versus the lessons as they exist now until I am able to formally update them. Check it out below, and never hesitate to email me at contact@appliedhoudini.com if you have further questions!

Volume lessons

Nodes used in the lesson like the Fluid Source DOP exist only as deprecated nodes (only exist for backwards compatibility with older files), and can't be made from scratch. H17 has decided to break that node (as well as the Source Volume DOP in the simulation area) into several nodes which run faster overall, but take a little more figuring out than the older all-in-one node. Oh well!

While I update this lesson, I think you'll want to make a seperate scene and create a sphere in a geometry node, and then click the Billowy Smoke shelf tool to see how it's done now in H17.

Essentially it's a Pyro Source SOP (set to Source Smoke) to create points, an Attribute Noise SOP to mess up the density values a bit, and then a Volume Rasterize Attributes SOP to convert the points into a volume that can be read into the simulation with the new Volume Source DOP node, which needs only to be set to Source Smoke to work properly.

Rigids Lessons

Voronoi Fracture SOP has been completely reorganized (and changed under the hood) but essentiall works the same - the left input takes the geometry to fracture, and the right input takes the points to base the fracture on. In order to to visualize your pieces, you can:

  • Drop down a Visualize SOP, and set Color Type (under the Visualizers tab) to Random from Attribute, set class to Primitive, and attribute to name. This will work while these are basic polygons, though when they become packed pieces after an assemble node, it will disappear.

  • Make a Color SOP instead, and follow the same instructions as the Visualize above. This will create a color attribute. which will carry through the packing process.