Prefer a more personal style of learning Houdini? Trying to get that one project done that will beef up your demo reel? Or maybe you've just worked through all of my available Houdini tutorials already. Whatever the reason, consider a one-on-one mentorship with me over video chat! 


Customizable Approach

After an initial consultation, we'll put together a learning plan that makes sense for your goals. Just let me know what topics you'd like to cover, and we'll go from there. Rates start at $250 per hour, but can be negotiated in advance for a regularly recurring series.

Also, you're only charged for whatever you reserve, with a minimum of an hour. Just have one question that will take an hour to go over? No problem!

Lasting Support

In addition to the sessions themselves, I'm always available for free afterwards via email to answer any subsequent questions you have for no additional cost. Send your Houdini scene files if they need debugging even!

Proven Experience

Years at the industry's top studios (ILM, Dreamworks Animation, The Mill, Atomic Fiction) has given me insight into not only the technical aspects of VFX, but the even more important aesthetic ones. Besides all that, I just love teaching - especially Houdini!

Try out one of my free intro courses back on the lessons page to get a feel if you aren't already a fan! 


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